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What Are the Requirements and Restrictions When Teens Apply for Florida Car Insurance

Like other states in the United States of America, the state of Florida has implemented the GDL system which is also known as graduated driving license. It is proposed in order to decrease the accidents posed by the teenager and inexperienced drivers. This GDL system is made to slowly introduce inexpert drivers to much more driving rights as they get behind the wheel practice ended in the official Florida driving license.

The requirements for GDL system

The graduated driving license is anticipated for the aspirant car drivers who are 15 to 17 years old. Any person who is fifteen years old desiring to drive should complete the driver’s education study just before they can be valid for the learner’s license. They should complete a total of fifty hours of the supervised driving as well as ten hours of night driving. Furthermore, they should carry a learner’s permit for the whole year after the legal guardian or parent must sign the form to confirm the teenager has competed and participated the needed practice hours.

Any teen or inexperienced wanting the learner’s permit should satisfy these requirements.

• He must sign the verification document from the legal guardian or parent.

• He must complete and pass the traffic laws and stuff violence education course.

• He must give the card of social security and the proof of the residence.

• He must complete and pass the vision and written tests

• He must pay $27 fee

Inexperienced and immature aged between sixteen to the seventeen might apply for the limited class driver’s E permit when all learners’ permit requirements are satisfied and the inexperienced has the clean driving history.

The restrictions of the teen driver in the Florida

• Anybody with the learner’s permit should be escorted by the licensed mature all the time.

• Restricted and limited permit holder persons who are approximately sixteen years old might not drive the car between 11 pm to the 6 am in the State of Florida. And the seventeen years old immature and inexperienced driver might not drive the car between 1 am to the 5 am.

• Only exemption to these regulations is if a teenager is driving from and to work and then they should be attended in a front seat by the licensed person who is older than 21 years.

The consequences of the violation of this law

• Holdup getting the open permit up to approximately one year from that date of a conviction.

• The state of Florida can also suspend the teenager’s license if the teen is truant from the school.

• The teenagers must give proof to the law enforcement or police that they have attended the school for the thirty regular days if the teenager does not satisfy the law enforcement then his or her license or permit of driving will be on the edge.

• The all the points might be added to the teenager’s driving history also, more than the six points will cause in driving rights being limited to work just for the one year or in anticipation of the teenager’s eighteenth birthday. That comes first.

These are the Florida car insurance requirements and the restrictions. You should not pay the over price of the car insurance. By very easily and simply entering the zip in the box of top of this page, you will get the information about the current and new Florida car insurance policy.