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Unfurled DWI and DUI Florida Laws Assist Drivers in Getting Cheap Auto Insurance in Florida

The DWI law in Florida refers to the penalties if you are arrested for DUI includes imprisonment for some months, fine in dollars and license suspension for a particular period. Hence, it is a must to know that DWI is a grave crime and the penalties in Florida are truly severe. The auto insurance in Florida also increases if you have DUI conviction.

DUI Traffic Stops

In case a Florida officer pulls over and brings you to a halt suspecting DUI, he will first administer a Sobriety Test on the field. This is shown on television endless times. Yet, the officer will perform mental perception tests and check your eyes looking for signs of alcohol. He will also ask you to do physical tasks such that signs of intoxication can easily be understood. In case you fail these tests, you are asked to undergo a breathalyzer exam and a urine or blood alcohol test.

Drivers need to always agree to submit their urine, breath and blood exams. Refusal to comply with your driver’s license will result in suspension of license for a year for the first conviction. In case of second conviction and refusal to comply with exams will result in a 18 month suspension and is charged owing to misbehavior that is regarded to be an offense. The police may draw blood forcibly, if the accident involves serious death or injury.

DUI Arrests

Intoxication evidence shows you will be charged and arrested. Moreover, you will be restricted from driving in association to the impoundment of your car. The next you can do is to speak to an attorney immediately, however you will be under their custody until you meet these conditions:

•             Your BAC is lower than 0.05

•             More than eight hours of arrest have been passed

•             You are not under the influence any longer

•             You are not impaired any more

DUI fines, Jail Time and Penalties

DUI convicted people are certain to face penalty based on the circumstances and the judge drawing your case. However, one should know the DUI penalties for each stage of the offense and the maximum penalties are charged based on the records of your history:

•             First offense- Community service for 50 hours, fine for $500-$1000, prison time for 6-9 months, 10 days vehicle impoundment and probation for one year.

•             Second offense- Imprisonment for a period of 9 to 12 months (having a 10 day minimum as mandatory) 30 days vehicle impoundment and fine of $1000 to $4000.

•             Third offense- Imprisonment of 9 to 12 months (of which 30 days minimum is compulsory), 90 day vehicle impoundment and find of $2000 and $5000.

•             Fourth offense- Imprisonment for 5 years( with 30 days compulsory), 90 day vehicle impoundment and fine up to $2000 and more.

The DWI and DUI laws in Florida are very strict right from the first conviction. Especially, this is very grave when you have caused an injury to others or has resulted in death.

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