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Tips in Finding the Most Secured Cheap Florida Car Insurance

If you are one of the drivers in Florida and you are looking for the facts like Florida car insurance and Florida DUI laws, Florida car insurance rates and Florida teen driver laws, the trends of Florida car insurance rates trends, the statistics of Florida car theft, then you have come to the right place. These are the most common facts but they are hard to find we are providing you these facts and some auto insurance tips right here in this article.

Florida car insurance Laws and minimum requirements:

In Florida every person who wants to drive in the state or is driving a registered vehicle in this state he must carry the minimum coverage of the state. In Florida, the minimum auto insurance coverage is about $10,000 for the injury of a single person in the state, about $20,000 for the injury of two or more the two persons in the Florida state and about $10,000 for any kind of damage liability of the property. The driver must also have the minimum coverage for Florida’s financial responsibility law in the states, which includes the following situations:

1.            The revocation of subsequent license and the DUI citation

2.            The accident that is caused by you and including the injuries in that accident

3.            The suspension of the driver’s license because of containing too many points

4.            The revocation of the license for the traffic offenders

All the insurance policies that are issued in the state of Florida must be issued by the Florida agent who works for the company that is licensed to sell insurance policies in Florida. The drivers cannot carry or maintain their current policy, which is issued in their previous state of residence.

The Florida DUI Laws:

In the state of Florida when you apply for your driver’s license you have to give assent to take a urine, breath, and blood test if it is demanded. If you refuse to give any of these test’s then under the Florida’s implied consent Law your license is suspended on the spot for 1 year. Florida also has a Zero tolerance Law for the drivers who are under the age of 21 years. If your age is 21 year or you are under 21 and you are caught driving the car after having only one drink (i.e. the alcohol level in your blood is about (0.02%) or higher) then your license is suspended for almost six months.

Rates, Requirements & Teen Auto Insurance in Florida (Fl):

In the US, the rate of teen crashes occurrence is greater in the southern states as compared with the other states in U.S. The state of Florida is among the first few states that enforce a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) program in order to prevent the teen auto crashes and fatalities. In the year 1996, the teens were first required to go through three different levels of licensing in order to apply for the permanent license. When this program was started with in only one year, there was a 9% of decrease in the accidents cases including the teens in Florida.

Florida Insurance rates Examples:

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