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Things to Remember About DUI Conviction from Florida DMV

Drunk Driving has been increased over years and it has increased ratio of road accidents. The Florida DMV Statistics say that there were 33, 626 convictions of DUI in 2011. Driving Under Influence (DUI) describes driving vehicle under influence of Alcohol. The Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) determines the punishment for DUI and it is set as less than 0.08% BAL, more than 0.08% Blood Alcohol Level is described as DWI driving under Influence (DUI has little punishment as compared to DWI). The convection causes Fine, jail and license suspension and after effects can lead into disaster as your FL Auto Insurance coverage will be set to at-least 100/300/50! If one gets caught then he should contact the Attorney as soon as possible as serving 1 year in jail is awfully long time

DUI penalties

Driving under Influence of Drugs or alcohol is one of most often committed crimes and the reason behind is carelessness of people and it cost them more than just fine, as stated above Florida DMV takes serious steps towards DUI convections and they can put you from 8 hours to six month on first convection, other details are below

For first time, if BAL was found in your blood exceeding 0.2 percent then you will be fined anywhere from $200 to $500 and license will be suspended for six months. Authorities will put you in jail as soon as they find you in DUI for eight hours and court can extend the jail period up to 6 months and vehicle will be impounded for 10 days for first convection. To renew the license you will have to purchase FR44 form from your license company and if by any chance you were found convicted of DUI again then jail time can be up to nine months and license will be suspended for a year and your ride will be impounded for a month and fine of $500-$1000 will be awarded.

Habitual penalties

After getting your license back from 2nd time DUI convection, you were found guilty of DUI again then you will be treated as Habitual criminal and the fine would be starting from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars and jail will be of a year and 5 years license suspension will be awarded and if by any chance you were found convicted of DUI again then license will be banned and jail will be of 5 years and $1000 fine is starting limit for DUI fourth timers.

After effects

After DUI conviction the problem of driving around will be increased and Florida DUI can put your family in problem too as car impounding for 10 days and to get it back paperwork etc., it also effects your auto insurance subscription

Insurance company problems

As described above FR44 form is must to obtain the license again and they can be bought from the FL Auto insurance company you are subscribed too. The Auto insurance company will either terminate your subscription or will let you re select the Insurance policy as FR44 form is provided to those who have insurance coverage of 100/300/50 and it means about 100,000 (at-least) coverage! FL auto insurance companies should be checked properly as a weak company can terminate your subscription. Enter your zip code above to compare the Auto insurance companies.