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The Importance of Following the DUI laws of Florida DMV

Driving under influence, driving while intoxicated or operating while impaired has become one of the biggest problems in USA. It’s one of the biggest reasons of road accidents as drunken person is unable to operate vehicle efficiently. Improved DUI law from Florida DMV has helped in decreasing accidents in the State and the Ratio has been dropped from 42% to 36% the total numbers of person killed during a DUI are 2398 in 2011!

DUI is applied when a person has BAL less than 0.8 and DWI is used when person has more than 0.8 BAL in his blood. If you are drunk and want to go home best way is to take the bus because as soon as traffic police saw you ,they will ask you to pull over and will ask you to give BAL test and if you accepted then you are doomed and if you declined then you are instantly doomed!

If you declined to the test, you will be violating the law as when receiving the license you agreed to proceed with any test directed by Florida DMV officials, which will result in Suspension of Driver’s license for a year!

If you agreed to the test and officially found BAL of 0.8 in your blood, you will be fined $200-$500 along with 50 hours of Community Service, jail for at-least 8 hours but will be decided on spot, car impounding until the court decides and Driver license suspended for 6 months. If you got caught with a minor inside your car then fine will increase from 500-1000$.

If you got caught second time with DUI then you will be fined for $500 – $1000 and Jail visit for up to nine months and car impound for a month as well as (if you are caught within five years then) 5 years license suspension or at-least six months.

Getting caught third time will take you jail for one year and car will also be jailed (impounded) for three months and suspended driver’s license for five years with fine of $2000 up to $5000.

Fourth time will be the last time as you won’t be getting you license back as well as your fine will be from $1000 and there won’t be any limit to it. If you get caught fourth time, be ready to visit jail for five more years.

Moreover if you are caught while breaking one of those laws then your punishment will be:

If you caused injury while DUI, you will be charged with $1000 as well as 1 year jail time. If you are caught with blood in your hand, you will be charged with $10,000 and jail time for 15 years. If you are caught while running away from the crime scene, you will be charged with $10,000 and 30 years in prison.

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