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Things to Remember About DUI Conviction from Florida DMV

Drunk Driving has been increased over years and it has increased ratio of road accidents. The Florida DMV Statistics say that there were 33, 626 convictions of DUI in 2011. Driving Under Influence (DUI) describes driving vehicle under influence of Alcohol. The Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) determines the punishment for DUI and it is set as less than 0.08% BAL, more than 0.08% Blood Alcohol Level is described as DWI driving under Influence (DUI has little punishment as compared to DWI). The convection causes Fine, jail and license suspension and after effects can lead into disaster as your FL Auto Insurance coverage will be set to at-least 100/300/50! If one gets caught then he should contact the Attorney as soon as possible as serving 1 year in jail is awfully long time

DUI penalties

Driving under Influence of Drugs or alcohol is one of most often committed crimes and the reason behind is carelessness of people and it cost them more than just fine, as stated above Florida DMV takes serious steps towards DUI convections and they can put you from 8 hours to six month on first convection, other details are below

For first time, if BAL was found in your blood exceeding 0.2 percent then you will be fined anywhere from $200 to $500 and license will be suspended for six months. Authorities will put you in jail as soon as they find you in DUI for eight hours and court can extend the jail period up to 6 months and vehicle will be impounded for 10 days for first convection. To renew the license you will have to purchase FR44 form from your license company and if by any chance you were found convicted of DUI again then jail time can be up to nine months and license will be suspended for a year and your ride will be impounded for a month and fine of $500-$1000 will be awarded.

Habitual penalties

After getting your license back from 2nd time DUI convection, you were found guilty of DUI again then you will be treated as Habitual criminal and the fine would be starting from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars and jail will be of a year and 5 years license suspension will be awarded and if by any chance you were found convicted of DUI again then license will be banned and jail will be of 5 years and $1000 fine is starting limit for DUI fourth timers.

After effects

After DUI conviction the problem of driving around will be increased and Florida DUI can put your family in problem too as car impounding for 10 days and to get it back paperwork etc., it also effects your auto insurance subscription

Insurance company problems

As described above FR44 form is must to obtain the license again and they can be bought from the FL Auto insurance company you are subscribed too. The Auto insurance company will either terminate your subscription or will let you re select the Insurance policy as FR44 form is provided to those who have insurance coverage of 100/300/50 and it means about 100,000 (at-least) coverage! FL auto insurance companies should be checked properly as a weak company can terminate your subscription. Enter your zip code above to compare the Auto insurance companies.

Florida Auto Insurance Laws That Affect Your Auto Insurance

Florida DMV has no tolerance for Under Influence Drivers and if you are suspected, you are done! The Florida DMV laws starts the DUI punishment from $200 (Single Convictions) to more than $1000 (Multiple Convictions) and jail time from (single) 8 hours to five years as well as driver license Suspension from 6 months to permanent ban. These as the conviction punishments for normal Convictions but if you were caught with an amateur or injured someone or extreme case killed someone, you will get your bed in jail for 30 years which means life time.

If the caught person is under 21, suspension of driver’s license for six months will be the punishment. But if you are older than 21 with a kid with you during the violation, you will get to pay fine of $500 up to $1000 as well as jail for up to nine months and vehicle impound for ten days. If you are a Commercial Vehicle Driver’s license holder, you will get your license suspended for a year. For second time offense, you will get your license permanently banned.

DUI law by Florida DMV and Florida auto insurance laws states the first Conviction as if the person is suspected for DUI he’ll be first tested (common tests are Romberg test, Finger to Nose test, PBT and Counting Tests). If he declines to give in with the test, his license should be suspended for six months immediately. If verified and BAL is more than 0.8 percent, he will be arrested until he restores back to normal. If verified and has a minor in car or has BAL more than 0.15 percent then he should be punished double time.

The first time conviction gets you $200-$500 fine payment, jail from 8hours to 6 months, 50 hours to community service and vehicle impound for 10 days unless your family has only one vehicle and license suspension for 6 months.

Second time Conviction gets you$ 500-$1000 fine payment, jail for 8 hours to 9 months, vehicle impound for 30 days and license suspension for 5 years.

Getting caught for third time is raising eyebrows for everyone and punishments are fine of 1000$ to $2500, up to 12 months jail time and 90 days vehicle impound with 10 years of license suspension.

Fourth time is last time for Florida DUI under the DMV and your license will be permanently banned, five years in jail and minimum of $1000 fine which has no upper limit.

When license is suspended one can always apply for hardship license but it requires special circumstances and fees.

Florida DMW and Florida auto insurance laws state that an uninsured vehicle is illegal. To avoid this problem, get your vehicle insured as soon as possible. Enter your zip code above in order to get comparison of insurance companies in your area!

Fines and Punishments for DUI/DWI Conviction in FL

The 40% deaths in Traffic accidents have the drinking reason behind them and that’s why the Florida DMV takes serious steps toward driving while under the influence of alcohol. In books, it is called as Driving under Influence or Driving While Intoxicated or Operating While Impaired. They all mean the same. There are strict laws in Florida and multiple times of offenses can get you to jail for up to 5 years!

The DUI punishments by Florida DMV states that the suspected will be first tested to verify the blood alcohol content found in his system and then punishments will be given. First, the convicted person will be sent to jail, then he will be fined, his license will be suspended and his car will be impounded. The stick rules are set in order to get people rid of drinking problem at least to driving level. Florida DMV keeps the DUI record for 70 years! That means once you are convicted, you always will be called convicted!

The DUI creates many problems with one’s Driving Record. Being in jail is the last thing expected from and paying the fine of $500 which is an amount cannot be paid by everyone. Florida DUI will put the license in suspension for six months if person disobeys the order of test.

If the person is found in state of with DUI offense for the first time, small fine of $200, minimum 8 hours lockup and 50 hours community service will be received. Additional $500 as one hour of community service can be traded with 10 dollars and the car will be impounded for duration of 10 days. Second time offenders will be given with minimum of $500 fine with up to nine months lockup and vehicle gone for impound for a month and license for a year. Third timers will get their punishment for up to 12 months lockup with minimum of $1000 fine and three month Vehicle Custody and license suspension for 5 years! Fourth timers are called Habitual and they will never be given their license back and will serve 5 years in prison without any limit of fine being imposed.

The special condition described by Florida DUI is if the driver is DUI and has a minor with him then he will get the punishment double as first timers will be given with a minimum of $500 fine with 9 months in prison. Second timers will be fined with minimum of $1000 and the extension in jail period is set to be more than 3 months. If driver is DUI and injures someone, two years in prison will be bestowed. If serious injuries are caused, it would be 5 years in prison and $1000 fine and if you were DUI and killed anyone then 15 years (if you ran away it would be 30) in prison with $10,000 fine.

Getting your car insured is must in every state of USA and you should get your Vehicle insured as it helps you feel free while driving and as well as Florida DMW officials. Before insuring your vehicle, write your zip code above for comparison of Insurance companies in your area!