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Preventing DUI Imprisonment by Florida DMV Through Knowing the Rules

Driving under influence or Driving While Impaired in Florida is easiest way to go to jail as with Blood Alcohol Level more than 0.2 percent you will be immediately sent to jail for 8 hours. That’s a law made by Florida DMV. Florida DMV is pretty serious when it comes to Driving while impaired or driving under Influence.

Driving under Influence is the term used by Law for driving when drunk. Driving under Influence of alcohol or drugs has return serious results on roads in last two decades and not only Florida DMV, USA and all other countries are passing serious laws to reduce drinking problem at least to driving.

Florida DMV

Florida DMV law provides law enforcers ability to lock you up for 8 hours if they find out you were Driving Under Influence as well as they will fine you at least 200$ (500$ max) and your license will be suspended for six months, 50 hours community service and if you want your license back then you will have to complete the DUI driving school course.

If you are the guy who was driving with a minor in his car then you will be having up to 9 months in jail (if you got a bad lawyer) and fine up to $1000 but that is not all if you were caught after hitting someone and he’s injured then you will be paying up to $5000 as well as jail sentence can be for up to 1 year and if you by an chance killed someone then fine of $10,000 and ten years in jail but if you were caught while escaping from scene then straight thirty years sentence.

If the person committing DUI is younger than 21 then straight six month license suspension is sentenced.

The person who commits DUI for second time will get extension in all the punishments as six months suspension of license will be extended to a year, jail of six months will be of nine month and the car impound of ten days will be of month and fine of $500 will be doubled!

Person who commits DUI for third time can be classified as habitual and for habitual criminals the DUI states the punishment of license suspension for 5 years, jail of 12 months and fine of up to $2500

The third timers will get themselves banned from driving license as well as five years of jail will be awarded to them.

DUI Florida is a hard crime. A person can simply avoid it by using alternate way of travelling as it will affect both your pocket as well as your record as DUI stays on record for 70 years.

While driving a person should make sure that he’s not under influence of drugs or anything as well as if his vehicle is safe or not. One simple thing to save the vehicle is to get it insured and Florida DMV describes the vehicle un-insured as illegal and it can too cause many problems. One should get the best Florida auto insurance available. Write your zip code above to compare auto insurance in your area so you can determine and choose the best one available.