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Strictly Enforced DWI/DUI Laws for Auto Insurance in Florida Car Insurers Must Know

If you are living in California and you usually drive on the roads of this state, then it is very important for your safety and peace of mind that you know about the strictly followed and enforced California DUI laws. They are as valued by the state, as the laws of auto insurance in Florida are followed and implemented. If a person in California is found drunk while driving, then he is accused of driving under influence. The offense officer could revoke the license of the drunk driver and can write a report in which the copy of driver’s license and his blood, urine, or breath test is sent to the DMV’s office. If the same driver is found and caught drunk while driving, then according to the new legislation, California DMV has complete right to revoke the license of accused for 10 years.

According to this new law, the judge has complete liberty and authority to revoke the license. It means that the revocation is not automatic. In case the court does not order to take any action against the accused, then DMV does not have any right to take any action against that person. Right now, the basic revocation period is of 3 years, which can be increased or decreased in special circumstances. If you are thinking that this could be a harsh decision, then you should know that California is not the only state of US, which enforces this law strictly, but the same law is being enforced across US. It is for the safety of driver and those who are on the roads. Someone, who is drunk or under the influence of any other drug cannot drive the vehicle safely. This is the reason, why the California DUI law does not allow anyone to have the control of a vehicle while he is under the influence of any drug or alcohol. If you are going through the same situation and your license has been cancelled because of the DUI case on you, then you can even challenge the decision in front of the court. For this, you have to keep few things in your mind.

•             Make sure that you request for the hearing by physically going to be court and not on the phone.

•             The lawyer, whom you would hire, should have experience in this field.

•             You should always go along with your DUI lawyer on hearing.

•             File request for the hearing within 10 days from the day, when you are accused.

After every DUI arrest, it is not necessary that the final decision taken by the DMV is going to be the suspension of revocation of license. The suspension can be either uphold or set aside. The decision is taken after getting all the proofs. There are different tests that are done. The accuracy of blood and urine test is something, which has never been questioned, but there is some confusion and is still a topic on which people debate and do not put their trust in the results that are taken from breath tests.

The normal body temperature of each person is different from others. If a person’s normal temperature is naturally higher than average temperature or is suffering from fever, then the results of his test are automatically going to show the inflation of his blood alcohol level by 10%, which would stop having accurate results. This is the reason why, along with breath test, the officers prefer to take urine or blood samples too. In this way, the chances of reaching to the accurate decision become high and if someone is innocent, then he is not accused and punished. Make sure to comply with the laws mandated to avoid negative records on your auto insurance in Florida.