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Steps Involved In Getting Florida Car Insurance after A DWI Conviction

Of course, having an accident will increase your premiums for Florida car insurance. If you were involved in drinking alcohol and then drive on public roads, you will significantly increase your chances of having a vehicle accident. In addition, if you are drunk and you are stopped by an officer who requests that you take either a breath, blood, or urine test, it is by law that you comply with the request. The Implied Consent Law in Florida means that signing your drivers’ license is an indication that you agree that if requested, you will take the test. If you refuse to take the tests, the result will be an instant one-year suspension. If you refuse for a second time, the penalty is the suspension for 18 months.

BestAutoInsuranceInFloridaYou should know that companies that that offer insurance services would not be quite willing to offer auto insurance in Florida to any driver of a motor vehicle who is recorded as having a DUI/DWI conviction. In fact, several insurance companies will refuse to continue providing insurance coverage for you if you got a ticket and found to be at fault in driving charge involving intoxication. In addition, you will reflect a DUI/DWI conviction for up to ten years.

This is not the end of the line for obtaining car insurance, however, as some policies for auto insurance in Florida are specifically designed for drivers who have this kind of unwelcome driving history. There are some things for you to anticipate when looking for car insurance coverage after being involved in a DUI/DWI charge if your current coverage was cancelled or the insurer refuse to renew it.

Following an accident involving drunk driving, there will be some alterations made by the insurance company regarding your plan. The first thing to happen is an increase in your rates. The increase will be considerably higher if you had a conviction of DUI/DWI. Another option the insurance company may pursue is to cancel your plan immediately. If you are allowed to let your insurance remain, your name will be flagged as a driver with high risk. However, if the policy is kept, you can provide SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate for the department for motor vehicles so that you will be documented as insured and you can get back your license. If not, your license will continue to be revoked.

A DUI conviction in Florida will remain on your driving record for up to 75 years. In order not to have to deal with higher rates for insurance, the stigma, the fines that come with such a conviction, it is recommended that you make contact with a defense attorney that works in this field before you admit guilt to any charge. To be insurable once more, you will most likely have to find a company that is particularly designed for this type of thing. Take minutes to start changing your future by inserting your zip at the top of this page. You will see a comparison of rates from companies who offer this service.