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Significant Facts About Auto Insurance in Florida and DUI-DWI Convictions

Any driver, whose driving history, is otherwise in good standing, recovering from DUI will result in fines, penalties and of course, increased rates for auto insurance in Florida but there may not be a suspension of license or the suspension could limit. However, if there are repeated fines, penalties, as well as jail time, the suspension of license will get a lot more severe. At no time is it a good idea to consume alcohol while driving or intending to drive soon after.

Companies that offer car insurance in Florida are aware that many drivers that have this issue to deal with so they have made their rates publicly available so that they can check out cheap car insurance in FL to make a decision concerning who they will use for auto insurance coverage.

Whenever a driver is found drunk driving, two legal cases are created. There is first the court case for the state and the other one is a case involving the DHSMV – Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle. Drivers that are 21 years and older may be convicted if they have level of alcohol in their blood that is .08% or more. Also, if the driver’s refuses to take the requested blood, urine or breath test, the Florida state can immediately give him or her a six-months penalty that can go up to 18 months in which time driving privileges are suspended. The driver has ten days to ask for a special hearing from the motor vehicle department in an attempt to save the license. If this is not done, the suspension is automatically enforced.

Other penalties come with the conviction of drunk driving in Florida. Included in or in addition to the fines, jail time and suspension of license an offender who is being charged for the first time can be expected to do 15 hours of mandatory community service, up to six months in prison and as much as a full probation year. The assessment of fines is calculated at $500 the lowest for first-time conviction and up to $2,000 the conviction is subsequent. For minors, the minimum conviction fine is $4,000. Your license can be suspended by both the motor vehicle department and the courts. First-time offenders will see their licensed being revoked for the least 180 days and as long as a complete year. If any serious damage was included in this DUI such as manslaughter and serious injury to a person, expect a 3-year minimum revocation of your license.

One other penalty of being convicted of DUI involves the refusal of being granted a hardship license if there is no evidence of being enrolled in or completion of DUI School or any other treatment program. If you check your auto insurance quotes in Florida, you will see that no penalty for drunk driving include never finding cheap car insurance in FL. In fact, if you would quickly insert your zip code in the slot that we provide at the top of this page, you can choose the rate you think is ideal for you after we have compared cheap auto insurance costs for you.