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Requirements Being Assigend Florida Auto Insurance Law That Insurers Need to Adhere


Florida car insurance laws require you to have a $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) liability and other personal damage liability (PDL) so that you can get your car insured from them. These are the two basic necessities for having Florida car insurance policy. After getting these two liability policies Florida car insurance provides you with different sort of insurance policies according to your life stage.

Florida car insurance for different life stages enables the drivers to purchase the insurance policy which best suits them. For example, Florida Graduated Licensing (GDL) laws state that teenagers who are under 15-16 must take a driver’s education course before applying for a learner licence. After getting the learner’s license, they are supervised by making them drive for 50 hours including 10 hours of night driving. After this trial teens of age 16-17 are allowed to apply for a grade E insurance policy.

But after receiving a learner and grade E license, there are certain condition still applicable to them. For example, they must always be accompanied by an adult while driving and their time of driving is also restricted. If teens violate any term of GDL, their driving privilege would be delayed for about one year. For drivers of age 21 years or more car insurance laws are somehow different from those of teenager’s Florida auto insurance policy laws. An adult person is mostly a worker and a family owner so there are different sort of insurance liabilities present for them.

If an adult use his automobile for commercial purposes, then the commercial auto insurance FL is available for them. For an adult who uses his automobile for personal purposes, personal auto insurance policy is available for them. For an adult driver it is important for him to undergo blood, urine and breathe test under “Florida Consent Law”. If he refuses to take any of these mentioned tests, then his driving license shall be immediately stay cancelled for about a year. Similarly terms and conditions for old age drivers to get an insurance policy in Florida are different from those that apply as teenage and adult drivers. Florida car insurance laws provide them with a special discount offer for which they have to apply. For example if a 55 years old or more driver has a previous clean driving record, special discount offers can significantly reduce their insurance rates. Due to weak reflexes and declining vision and hearing, there is some risk involved in granting those senior drivers with special offers. So first they have to take some defensive motor driving courses that will polish their abilities and driving skills.

After completing these courses they just have to apply for these discount offers through their automobile insurance agents and see a significant decrease in their insurance policy.

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