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Questions That DUI-DWI Drivers in Florida Frequently Ask

Q:           How can I get my license reinstated following a suspension when I refused to take breath or urine test?

A:            Florida car insurance also looks at these reports. Starting with the date of arrest, your suspension will for 1 year if this is a first offense and 18 months if this is a more than a one-time offense. You will be provided with a permit for 10 days when you get arrested and after this expires, you are required to serve suspension of 90 days before being eligible for application of the hardship license (if this is the first time being suspended). You will not be allowed hardship license if there are two or more refusals to submit.

You have to give proof to the Administrative Reviews Office that you are attending or being enrolled in DUI School if you want to be considered for a hardship license and for getting Florida cheap car insurance. If you were approved to get early reinstatement for hardship, this approval must be presented to the office for drivers’ license. If the course is not completed in 90 days following the reinstatement, the department will cancel your driver’s license until there is proof that the course was completed.

Q             What will happen to my driving freedom if I am found guilty of operating a commercial motor vehicle while under alcohol or drug influence?

A             You will become eligible for operating commercial motor vehicles for a year and will not be qualified for a hardship license. After the complete year of suspension, you can pay a disqualification reinstatement charge and get back the commercial driver’s license. The disqualification will go up to three years if when convicted, you were carrying materials that are hazardous. This penalty is also for drivers if found with controlled substance while driving a commercial vehicle.

Q             How will my freedom to drive are affected if I am driving a commercial vehicle and was not willing to take a test requested to determine the level of alcohol in the system?

A             You will be ineligible for driving such vehicle for a full year and not qualified for a hardship license during this time. When the year has ended, you pay a fee for disqualification reinstatement and have the driver’s license for operating commercial motor vehicle restored.

Q             What happens if I receive three traffic violations in three years following a conviction for illegally operating commercial motor vehicle?

A             You will become barred from operating a commercial motor vehicle for up to 120 days. After this period has passed, the driver’s license may be reinstated after the fee for disqualification reinstatement has been paid.

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