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Penalties to Drunk Driving According to Florida Auto Insurance Laws

The Government of Florida has been taking serious steps towards DUI and it is said to be the main cause of road accidents. The Florida DMV is in charge of Traffic, DUI, and Florida auto insurance laws. The Florida DMV states that if someone gets caught while driving under Influence of Drugs or Alcohol, then he will be imprisoned for six months with fine submission of $500 and 50 hours of community service. If you want your license back which can be suspended for six months, you will have to complete DUI School for driving which educates on not drinking while driving. The DUI record remains there for 70years. The punishments for the DUI will be doubled if you got caught more times.

FloridaAutoInsuranceFirst time offense with BAC less than 0.8 will get you six months of jail, a fine of up to 500$ and vehicle impound for 10 days. If you were caught with more than 0.20 BAC you will be paying $1000, imprisonment for 9 months and your license will be suspended for a minimum of six months. Repetition of offense will get you $1000-$2000 fine and imprisonment for 9-12 months as stated with Florida auto insurance laws.

The extreme cases for DUI states that if a person is caught driving while intoxicated and has injured someone else; he’ll be fined $5000 and jail of five years. If got caught with DWI and has killed someone while driving (and stayed) then he will be punished 15 years in jail with $1000 fine. If killed someone and left the scene, the punishment will be 30 years of imprisonment and fine of $1000.

If you are younger than 21 then Florida DMV will put your license on rest for 6 months instantly even with minimum of Blood Concentration Level.

If you have been convicted for 2 times and got convicted again then your license will be suspended for 5 years and you will be visiting jail for 12 months and a fine of up to $2500 (if convicted within 10 years) or fine of $1000 (after 10 years).

Last time is the fourth time as your license will be permanently banned and you will be visiting jail for five years and fine of no max cap!

You shouldn’t be driving around Florida while under Influence and if you do be ready for the consequences as Florida DMV does not tolerate any DUI in their jurisdiction. Drunk driving causes many problems and your vehicle should properly have FL car insurance as it is both mandated as well. Enter your area zip code above to compare insurance companies in your area!