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Know What Is FR44 Policy and How It Relates To Your Florida Auto Insurance

The DUI is a bad conviction and if you are in Florida. The problem gets double as DUI can charge you up to $1500 in first case. Since Florida Auto Insurance is must to have, one thinks if they should have the coverage for DUI fine or not.

Actually case is pretty messed up when it comes to Florida Auto Insurance Policies and DUI. After getting arrested for DUI, you will get your driving license suspended for six months, fine of about $500 and jail time for up to 6 months. But that is not all, after being sentenced you will require to fill a form which is called FR44 form. It will be available from the subscribed insurance company. As soon as you will ask the insurance company for FR44 form, your status will be changed to high risk and then company will decided whatever to keep your insurance subscription and lapse or terminated your insurance policy. The insurance company will keep the FR44 form in your insurance papers for 3 years and they will notify DHSMV about your insurance policy updates.

In case of cancelation of your insurance policy, you will be having problems as you will have to re-insure your vehicle in order to drive and also cancelled insurance will make your registration in other insurance companies a big problem.

The FR44 policy describes the increase in FL car insurance policy to 100/300/50 which means $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence as well as $50,000 PDL coverage.

The FR44 form must be submitted before restraining driver’s license which means the fee of $100 for the first time, $250 for second and $500 for third.

The second time DUI is more problematic as you will get almost double the punishment as for first timers the DUI fine is $500 (upper limit), six months licenses suspension and 10 days car impound with 50 hours of community service. Second timers will be paying $1000 (upper limit) with nine months jail with a yearlong license suspension. There is a window for third timers and fourth times and they are punished as $5000 (upper limit) and $1000 (lower limit) for third and fourth time and 5 years license suspension with year in jail for third. For fourth timers, the jail period is of 5 years with license ban for life.

DUI should be avoided in first place as being pulled over on driving seat with Alcohol in blood can be avoided by taking a cab or bus home or end up paying $650 to law enforcers for just driving under influence and being in jail for six month moreover the after DUI effects. Auto insurance in Florida will be increased to such extent that person will be amazed. The Termination of auto insurance can provide one with problems at their highest level. To compare best auto insurance companies in your town, provide the zip code above and select from good insurance companies.