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In What Ways Can Your Florida DWI Laws Could Affect Your Policy Cost

Having a clear and more educated perspective of auto insurance in Florida is best so that you can approach it in the right effective manner. However, any individual driving under influence is guilty of his offense if he or she:

•             Has .08 BAC or more grams (BAC- blood alcohol content)

•             Is under the alcoholic beverage influence or also has some chemical substance in his blood is considered impaired.

Penalty Strategy

Drivers below the age 21 is suggested a suspension of 6-month license, if the BAC is more than .02. However, this penalty is crucial for commercial drivers, as they will be disqualified from holding a license if their BAC is more than .08.

The actual physical control is considered as the driver in the driving position in the seat is in possession of the ignition device or ignition key is considered.

Driving under influence is as first conviction is a presumptive statement of $1000 fine and 6 months prison. However, if the reports confirm that the BAC showed .15 or more during the arrest time, this could result in $2000 fine and 9 months jail.

Additional penalties

Apart from the fines and jail time, you need to offer 50 hours of mandatory community service. In case you fail to offer this service, $10 additional fine for each hour is required. In case of probation, the period will not exceed one year.

Any initial arrest entails jail fine for 8 hours with license suspension. However, you have 10 days time to file the required paperwork to challenge your suspension and request the Department of safety. Failure of requesting a hearing will end in automatic suspension.

Criminal Process

Criminal process always takes place within 24 hours of arrest firstly and you will know the charges. Later, you need to enter a plea taking the help of a defense attorney representation. In some cases, a waiver of presence is possible by an attorney such that they represent you.

If you register a plea as not guilty, your cast is recommended for a pretrial hearing.  However, this is normally done to bargain with the prosecutor and to inform the judge on the case progressed. In case, bargain has failed to accomplish, it is followed by hearings and your presence is necessary. This is the time you have to present evidence, testimony and argument.

The case goes on trial when resolution is not found and one can go on a trial by jury or waive it and proceed to have a judge decide in the best interest. The process of DUY or DWI is simple and straightforward. So having a clear understanding of the situation in association with a proper defense attorneys offer a better chance of facing the charges laid against you.

The penalties of the laws in Florida against DWI and DUI are severe. However, the penalties are in the form of fines to be paid in dollars, license cancellation, and jail sentence. This varies depending on the number of convictions.

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