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How Does No Fault Law Affects Auto Insurance in Florida

Collision Coverage is a policy in fact a voluntary policy you can buy and which benefits you by repairing or replacing your car in case of any accident  doesn’t matter whether it  was caused by you or not. An innocent effective can claim property damage compensation under this purchased collision coverage policy.

One important thing to be noticed is that in case of any accident prompt steps should be taken in order to preserve evidence and physicians and expert witnesses should be enabled to observe and investigate about the accident and to evaluate any sort of injuries. Actually, there are two categories of Florida auto insurance. The first one is known as first party coverage while the other one is called as third party coverage. In the first party coverage, you and your car are fully protected while in the case of third party coverage you have to pay for the injuries that you have caused to other people.

Florida car insurance laws require the car driver to insure his car as soon as possible and it also requires a separate coverage except No-Fault liability insurance and it is known as medical payment coverage or also known to be “med-pay”.

PIP neither is a health insurance nor designed to pay for medical bills. In this type of insurance, one time settlement or payment is required for all the damage that has been done including the property and the personal damage. The minimum required PIP is about $10,000 and it is for bodily injury. You can also file a lawsuit against any negligible driver and even the insurance company cannot defend. These mentioned benefits will be given to the driver irrespective of the one guilty. Make sure that you have covered more than 80% of the expenses while buying a policy because in Florida car insurance laws it is very important to cover this minimum requirement including medical, surgical and other services as well.

When any automobile accident occurs then several important steps are taken in order to preserve the evidence of the accident and you will immediately be helped by the company, if your loved one is, there in the accident then he can also be helped even from your auto insurance policy. The one thing that is impressive is that in an accident the guilty one will not have to pay all the money because in some cases you can also be proved the one.

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