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How a DUI-DWI Conviction Greatly Affects Processing of Car Insurance in Florida

In addition to the serious danger of causing your own or the death of others, a drunk- driving conviction has a harsh penalty from Florida car insurance companies in particular. The Insurance Information Institute reports that there is a traffic fatality that is related to the consumption of alcohol every forty-eight minutes in the USA.

Car insurance companies might run a check on your driving record one time in three years or whenever you are making application for a new policy. Sometimes DUIs, tickets and accidents do not find themselves on your motor vehicle record. But if you are discovered by your insurer to be convicted of DUI and that you are classified as a high risk driver, the most ideal strategy would be to shop around at the time when the policy should be renewed because rates will vary significantly among car insurers. The high increase in rates is only one part of the problem. It is possible for your policy to be cancelled or the insurer unwilling to renew it. At this point, you will have to look for another company who will offer Florida car insurance and have the double effect of being convicted of DUI plus having a cancellation of insurance.

The law that relates to auto insurance coverage and DUI in Florida require that such offenders get a SR-22 form from the car insurer that they use. This makes it impossible for them to hide. What this form does is provide proof to the department of motor vehicles that you have liability insurance and release the suspension of your license.

It is likely that the DUI conviction will never be found out by the company you have insurance with if you were not required to get an SR-22. The Insurance Research Council has reported that up one of every five convictions relating to traffic violations do not get to records for motor vehicle because of the lack of information being shared between motor vehicle departments and courts. This could also be because of the conviction being erased by other means like the driving attending driving school. If the DUI charge was brought down during a plea bargain, or license suspended for a limited time (e.g.. 30 days), it is also not quite likely for the insurer to know about this conviction. However, if this conviction was missed by the insurance company at the time of occurrence, there is still the chance to raise the rates some amount of years later if it is discovered then.

The fact is that even if you have a DUI/DWI conviction being displayed on your motor vehicle records it is possible to find cheap car insurance in FL. You may begin your search here when you go to the top of the page and put in your zip in the space that is provided and this website will do a comparison check of the rates that are available from several car insurance companies so that you can make an informed decision.