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Great Tips to Get Auto Insurance in Florida for You and Your Teens

Getting auto insurance in Florida is an imperative like in other states. There are people who think getting insurance is like putting a hole in their pocket. That is not entirely true, though, because your insurance can protect you from huge expenses should a driving related accident occurs. Your policy will cover for your hospital and repair bills. You can depend on it in the event that you cannot go to work because of injuries. After all, getting insurance is not difficult. You can even get it for cheap if you know where to look.

How to Get Cheap Florida Car Insurance: Adults

Know the basics of car insurance in Florida. Knowing the basics simply means doing a research about how car insurance works in Florida. There are more than 50 states in the US and insurance policies for each vary. You must be aware about the type of the policy that you need. Getting the wrong insurance will make you pay more than what is necessary.

Read about Florida auto insurance laws. In Florida, drivers are required to have PIP or Personal Injury Protection. This policy offers protection from accidents regardless if it is your fault or not. Most states do not offer this type of coverage. So if you happened to be in one of those states and you were found at fault for the accident, you will pay for your medical expenses. Reading about insurance laws in Florida will help you determine variations such as this.

Collect all the information that you need. After having a good read about the basics of car insurance in FL, you should collect important details about you as a driver and your vehicle. List your license information, the VIN or vehicle identification number, the make and model of your car, and other information pertaining to the family members that you want the policy to cover. Knowing how far you drive every week, or the mileage, and indicating whether the car is for business or pleasure will help.

Part of collecting information is contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles. You must report if you had history relating to car accidents or if you had traffic offenses. If you do, you are required by the state to have coverage for bodily injury liability. If you forgot about this, you can always ask the Florida DMV in your area to give accurate details. Remember, accuracy will help you get Florida auto insurance quotes right.

Go online and compare policies. Most businesses nowadays have their website and this is true for car insurance companies. In Florida cheap car insurance can be found by comparing policies offered by different insurance companies. This can be done by asking for auto insurance quotes in Florida. Insurance providers are more than willing to help you with this matter so does not hesitate to ask for a quote. After having the quotes, you can start comparing different policies.

Avail discounts. A driver can avail discounts in several different ways. First, car insurance companies offer group discounts to companies. Check if your employer is eligible for this type of discount. Second, car insurance companies provide discounts to organizations. If you belong to a local organization, you can certainly take this advantage. Third, you can get discounts if you get the policy from your current insurance provider. If you do not know whether you are eligible or not, simply ask the insurance provider.

Use your debit or credit card. Some credit and debit card issuers offer rewards and rebates if you use their card purchases. There are those who will give you points if you use the card to pay for your premiums. In the end, you will be able to accumulate points and rewards that you can convert to cash, products, or services. So if you are looking for ways to get cheap FL auto insurance, consider using your cards.

Getting Cheap Florida Car Insurance: Teenagers

If you were able to find cheap insurance for yourself without much difficulty, then you will be surprised about getting cheap car insurance for teens. As you know, youngsters are not as responsible and experienced as you when it comes to driving. Therefore, letting them go behind the wheel poses risks. In fact, more car accidents involve teens. Nevertheless, there are ways in which you can still get cheap car insurance for your teenagers.

Know the Florida auto insurance requirements for teens. Laws in Florida are strict when it comes to young drivers. So, knowing the rules can help you get started in getting teenage car insurance smoothly. Drivers aged 15 to 16 are required to finish a driver’s education course. Only after finishing the course will the teenager be able to apply for the learner’s license. Then the teenager will undergo hours of supervised driving at day and night. If the teenager was able to complete the learner’s course and maintain a flawless record, he or she will be eligible to apply for a class E restricted license.

Get the policy from your current insurance provider. As mentioned before, insurance providers offer discounts if you avail more than one of their policies. This remains true when you get insurance for your teenager. If your child was able to maintain a perfect driving record, you will have the chance to lower significantly the premiums. As you see, finishing the learner’s course and meeting all the requirements play a major role.

Have your teenager maintain good grades. It is interesting to note that Florida insurance providers give 10% – 15% discounts to students who have a B average or higher. For many reasons, students who are responsible in school tend to be responsible on the road, too. In addition, this is proven by many studies.

Have your child drive an older car. You must remember that auto insurance in Florida depends on the type of car that you drive. You must not let your teenager drive a luxury or sports car. Another good way to minimize your premiums is to pay for a high deductible. This will greatly benefit you if you decide to get an all-in-one insurance policy.