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Florida Auto Insurance Laws That Affect Your Auto Insurance

Florida DMV has no tolerance for Under Influence Drivers and if you are suspected, you are done! The Florida DMV laws starts the DUI punishment from $200 (Single Convictions) to more than $1000 (Multiple Convictions) and jail time from (single) 8 hours to five years as well as driver license Suspension from 6 months to permanent ban. These as the conviction punishments for normal Convictions but if you were caught with an amateur or injured someone or extreme case killed someone, you will get your bed in jail for 30 years which means life time.

If the caught person is under 21, suspension of driver’s license for six months will be the punishment. But if you are older than 21 with a kid with you during the violation, you will get to pay fine of $500 up to $1000 as well as jail for up to nine months and vehicle impound for ten days. If you are a Commercial Vehicle Driver’s license holder, you will get your license suspended for a year. For second time offense, you will get your license permanently banned.

DUI law by Florida DMV and Florida auto insurance laws states the first Conviction as if the person is suspected for DUI he’ll be first tested (common tests are Romberg test, Finger to Nose test, PBT and Counting Tests). If he declines to give in with the test, his license should be suspended for six months immediately. If verified and BAL is more than 0.8 percent, he will be arrested until he restores back to normal. If verified and has a minor in car or has BAL more than 0.15 percent then he should be punished double time.

The first time conviction gets you $200-$500 fine payment, jail from 8hours to 6 months, 50 hours to community service and vehicle impound for 10 days unless your family has only one vehicle and license suspension for 6 months.

Second time Conviction gets you$ 500-$1000 fine payment, jail for 8 hours to 9 months, vehicle impound for 30 days and license suspension for 5 years.

Getting caught for third time is raising eyebrows for everyone and punishments are fine of 1000$ to $2500, up to 12 months jail time and 90 days vehicle impound with 10 years of license suspension.

Fourth time is last time for Florida DUI under the DMV and your license will be permanently banned, five years in jail and minimum of $1000 fine which has no upper limit.

When license is suspended one can always apply for hardship license but it requires special circumstances and fees.

Florida DMW and Florida auto insurance laws state that an uninsured vehicle is illegal. To avoid this problem, get your vehicle insured as soon as possible. Enter your zip code above in order to get comparison of insurance companies in your area!