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Factual Information About Auto Insurance in Florida and DUI Laws You Will Need

If you are looking the auto insurance in Florida and information about the DUI laws this article will help you. If you take alcohol or wine and drive, you considerably enhance the possibility of being in the car accident. Furthermore, if you dragged over, the police officer inquires you to get the urine; breath and blood test that you need to obey. The implied consent law is implemented in the state of Florida. When you get your license of driving, it means you have signed and agreed all the rules and regulations to take DUI tests. Denial to take one of these DUI tests will cause in the immediate postponement for the one complete year. In addition, the second denial will cause 18 months of suspension.

The Statistics of DUI of 2006 in the State Of Florida

The reports of the Florida DMV tell us that there were more than thirty four thousand persons having DUI convictions in the state of Florida in 2006. In addition, this is the drop of the 8 percent from the 2005. As expected big, more of the peopled counties account for a majority of a DUI conviction.

Convictions of DUI in the Florida in 2006

•             Pinellas county – 2760

•             Hillsborough County – 4107

•             Miami Dade – 1824

•             Duval county – 2170

•             Broward county – 1606

•             Brevard County – 1665

Detonation Interlock

The law of Florida State authorized that any car driver convicted of the second DUI have the ignition interlock machine fixed in his car. The judge might order the interlock fixed on first crime relying on situations. Nobody can take alcohol or wine and yet drive safely. Taking alcohol and driving big reasons of collisions and accidents every day so the fines and punishments are very hard in the Florida State. Moreover, if you take alcohol and drive car, the result could be going to jail, getting suspended your driver’s license in Florida or any such penalty.

No Tolerance for Car Drivers Who Are Under 21 Years Old

The Florida State in the United States of America has the no tolerance law for the car drivers who are under 21 years old. This indicates that any car driver who is under 21 years that is checked by the police of law enforcement and has the breath alcohol 0.2 level and more than this will automatically have his driver’s permit Florida, will be suspended for the 6 months. This level of alcohol indicates how much alcohol you have consumed and drove the car. For those car drivers who are over 21 years, the limit in the Florida State is 0.08 levels. In spite of your age, you must be aware that drinking alcohol and driving is a very serious crime.

The Punishments for First Time Conviction of DUI in Florida

•             If you convicted first time then you have to pay 250 to 500 dollars as fine

•             The 50 hours community service

•             Test not more up to one year

•             Imprisonment –  up to six months

•             Imprisonment with 0.8 or higher with the minor in car, up to 9 months

•             DUI school – up to 12 hours

•             License or permit revocation – more than six months

These are the convictions of first DUI crime. If you are convicted second time, the punishments will be more severe and harsh. If you want to know more about the DUI convictions in the Florida State and if you want to compare the quotes of different companies of auto insurance in Florida then you just enter your zip in the box top of this page.