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DWI and DUI Laws in Florida That May Affect Your Premiums

The punishments of DUI offenses depend on the convictions numbers you have already faced and also your age is another matter of constraint. You can expect many things under DUI convictions. This also shows a huge impact in getting Florida car insurance.


•             In custody in the county jail

•             DUI school

•             Fine between $500 to $1000

•             Court costs

•             Awareness panels for victims

•             Revocation of drivers license

•             Interlocking of ignition

•             Car impoundment

These are the different punishments one has to undergo in case of DUI, so it is necessary to ensure you have a knowledgeable DUI Florida lawyer combating for your rights in the process as early as possible.

DUI Penalties

The penalty for DUI (driving under the influence) is harsh in Florida. Mostly, the penalties depend on a person being accused of DUI for the first time or is a multiple DUI offender.

The penalties received are based on the skills of your DUI Florida attorney handling your case. Of course, this also accounts of the evidence the prosecution holds on you to result as a criminal case. Yet, an attorney with superior knowledge, skill and experience about Florida DUI charges, has the best opportunity of lessening the sentencing, avoiding a conviction totally and reducing the charges.

A skilled Florida DUI attorney can devise an effective defense plan. In fact, a person not guilty can also become a victim of conviction if she or he has hired an incompetent defense lawyer who is incapable of proving innocence to the jury and judge.

Case Evaluation

The two aspects of drunk driving include DWI or DUI denoting Driving while intoxicated or Driving under the influence. Both lead to conviction such as a criminal charge and administrative license suspension.

The criminal aspect dictates fines, penalties, fees, probation, and sentencing. This is in the charge of criminal law and the administrative side is directed by civil or administrative law relating to driving record and drivers license.

Under administrative, the license is taken even prior to the conviction, as a driver does not cooperate for a sobriety test on the spot, prior to proceeding to the court. Drivers arrested for DWI should cooperate and permit blood alcohol tests to be taken immediately, refusal may lead to license suspension.

The administrative licensing addresses circumstances such as:

•             Did the officer ask the driver for a test?

•             Was the arrest reasonable and on fair grounds?

•             Did the driver fail or refuse the test?

•             Was the driver given an idea about the consequences of his test failure or refusal?

•             Is it necessary to revoke or suspend your license?

Penalties are stern for first time offenders and are greater for second and third time convictions.

Conviction 1: Up to 12 months jail, $600-2100 fine and 90 days license suspension.

Conviction 2: Jail for five days at least or some months, 30 days community service compulsory ,license revoked for 12 months and fine $1100- 5000.

Conviction 3: Jail for at least 60 days to one year. Fine is $2,100 – $10,100. License revoked for 36 months.

Conviction 4th or Subsequent: fine $4100-10,100, license revoked for 60 months and jail from 1 to 10 years.

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