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Things to Remember About DUI Conviction from Florida DMV

Drunk Driving has been increased over years and it has increased ratio of road accidents. The Florida DMV Statistics say that there were 33, 626 convictions of DUI in 2011. Driving Under Influence (DUI) describes driving vehicle under influence of Alcohol. The Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) determines the punishment for DUI and it is set as less than 0.08% BAL, more than 0.08% Blood Alcohol Level is described as DWI driving under Influence (DUI has little punishment as compared to DWI). The convection causes Fine, jail and license suspension and after effects can lead into disaster as your FL Auto Insurance coverage will be set to at-least 100/300/50! If one gets caught then he should contact the Attorney as soon as possible as serving 1 year in jail is awfully long time

DUI penalties

Driving under Influence of Drugs or alcohol is one of most often committed crimes and the reason behind is carelessness of people and it cost them more than just fine, as stated above Florida DMV takes serious steps towards DUI convections and they can put you from 8 hours to six month on first convection, other details are below

For first time, if BAL was found in your blood exceeding 0.2 percent then you will be fined anywhere from $200 to $500 and license will be suspended for six months. Authorities will put you in jail as soon as they find you in DUI for eight hours and court can extend the jail period up to 6 months and vehicle will be impounded for 10 days for first convection. To renew the license you will have to purchase FR44 form from your license company and if by any chance you were found convicted of DUI again then jail time can be up to nine months and license will be suspended for a year and your ride will be impounded for a month and fine of $500-$1000 will be awarded.

Habitual penalties

After getting your license back from 2nd time DUI convection, you were found guilty of DUI again then you will be treated as Habitual criminal and the fine would be starting from a thousand dollars to five thousand dollars and jail will be of a year and 5 years license suspension will be awarded and if by any chance you were found convicted of DUI again then license will be banned and jail will be of 5 years and $1000 fine is starting limit for DUI fourth timers.

After effects

After DUI conviction the problem of driving around will be increased and Florida DUI can put your family in problem too as car impounding for 10 days and to get it back paperwork etc., it also effects your auto insurance subscription

Insurance company problems

As described above FR44 form is must to obtain the license again and they can be bought from the FL Auto insurance company you are subscribed too. The Auto insurance company will either terminate your subscription or will let you re select the Insurance policy as FR44 form is provided to those who have insurance coverage of 100/300/50 and it means about 100,000 (at-least) coverage! FL auto insurance companies should be checked properly as a weak company can terminate your subscription. Enter your zip code above to compare the Auto insurance companies.

The Relation of Florida Auto Insurance Laws With the Drivers

Florida auto Insurance laws are useful for easiness of people in society. This is offered for all those items that are necessary in life to make it easy and flexible. Car insurance is also an example of this statement that is useful for all people. All people can gain profit through this insurance program in any disliking occasion. Car insurance is presented with difference of state that is also linked with rate of insurances and other insurance matters. Car insurance in Florida is very useful insurance program and also available in contemptible and discounted rates. Due to this discount all those people which are living in this society with least economic and financial sources can purchase easily insurance programs for their lives and other living facilities. The insurance of car is very caring and thoughtful matter because this is linked with some particular rules in each stage. This insurance is performed for making the life and transportation service secure which can be harmed in any incident.

Driver and road policy:

This type of insurance is linked with two major things that are known as driver and road. The driving is the name of relation between vehicle and road. These all stages are related with obligation and compulsion of law. Through these techniques the life can be made secure and safe that is counted in important wishes and desires of all those people that are living in society. This situation is very amazing and astonishing that any unexpected incident is also linked with these things that are essential for proper and suitable life style. There are two major terms that are used in traffic rules; these terms are known as DUI and DWI rules and laws. These both terms are basically linked with two conditions of driving which are not liked in society and also known as reasons of accidents. DUI term is used for driving under influences which can be different according to the difference of age and hobbies of drivers. This condition is prohibited in the society and police has authority to take an action against that driver which is driving his vehicle in such a condition. DWI term is used for condition of driving while intoxicated. This term is also not liked and prohibited in the social order. There are different purposes of prohibition of these driving conditions which can be understood with observation of those advantages that can be gained with this action.

Some advantages are general and common, these can be stated in simple words and any person can also understand these benefits because these are linked with general way of life. These can be stated with the terms of safety of life, esteem, honor, and social status. These all things are important in the life of a person and cannot be ignored by an honorable person and citizen of this society. Some benefits are not general and can be understood with realizing the professional terms. These both conditions are not allowed in driving situation. For providing knowledge to drivers the term is used “Don’t drink and drive”. Both terms are related with influencing condition that can be faced in drinking alcohol and other same items. This situation is observed in young drivers mostly and different programs and exhibitions are arranged for providing knowledge and conscious about these evils and their harms in life. Different states are also taking action against these conditions of drivers. The police can stop such vehicles and drivers according to condition of crime and misdeed. Fines and penalties are also offered for controlling these situations. These fines and penalties are very useful in controlling these situations because these are linked with financial positions of drivers.

The financial position of drivers is not so strong and powerful. Therefore, some required and demanded results can be generated with these rules of fines that are adjusted and prepared specially for drivers and drinkers. These drivers are very dangerous due to two major points. One point is linked with their lives and the second point is linked with those people that are travelling with these drivers. The link of these both driving terms and their related rules with insurance programs is very strong because the claiming procedure is performed according to report s of drivers vehicles and driving situations, conditions, and circumstances. Due to this relation these laws are observed and a proper importance is also given by insurance companies. Through this importance and support companies can adjust their matters with customers easily. These rules and laws are counted in supporting elements for both sides and performed according to link of sate. FL car insurance program are linked with those rules of DUI and DWI that are adjusted for this state particularly. With using these rules customers can claim the insurance program that is purchased with reference of state. This reference is performed with the usage of a particular zip code that is entered essentially in this procedure. With this zip code customer can proceed further according to his choice and wish. Those entire customers who complete the first step with success are able to work in next step. The next step is linked with those quotes that are presented by insurance companies.

These quotes are most important for customers because through these quotes he can decide in a better way about purchasing of insurance program. This purchasing is linked with a company that is selected by customer. Customer is free in this matter and he can perform this step with his choice and desire. The third and last step is linked with final decision and making the payment of purchased program of insurance. After purchasing the insurance program the customer is also responsible to obey all those roles and regulations which are obey able for other people. This obedience will help the customer to achieve other important purposes of insurance programs (1).

You can enter the ZIP code of your state to know more about Florida auto insurance laws.

Preventing DUI Imprisonment by Florida DMV Through Knowing the Rules

Driving under influence or Driving While Impaired in Florida is easiest way to go to jail as with Blood Alcohol Level more than 0.2 percent you will be immediately sent to jail for 8 hours. That’s a law made by Florida DMV. Florida DMV is pretty serious when it comes to Driving while impaired or driving under Influence.

Driving under Influence is the term used by Law for driving when drunk. Driving under Influence of alcohol or drugs has return serious results on roads in last two decades and not only Florida DMV, USA and all other countries are passing serious laws to reduce drinking problem at least to driving.

Florida DMV

Florida DMV law provides law enforcers ability to lock you up for 8 hours if they find out you were Driving Under Influence as well as they will fine you at least 200$ (500$ max) and your license will be suspended for six months, 50 hours community service and if you want your license back then you will have to complete the DUI driving school course.

If you are the guy who was driving with a minor in his car then you will be having up to 9 months in jail (if you got a bad lawyer) and fine up to $1000 but that is not all if you were caught after hitting someone and he’s injured then you will be paying up to $5000 as well as jail sentence can be for up to 1 year and if you by an chance killed someone then fine of $10,000 and ten years in jail but if you were caught while escaping from scene then straight thirty years sentence.

If the person committing DUI is younger than 21 then straight six month license suspension is sentenced.

The person who commits DUI for second time will get extension in all the punishments as six months suspension of license will be extended to a year, jail of six months will be of nine month and the car impound of ten days will be of month and fine of $500 will be doubled!

Person who commits DUI for third time can be classified as habitual and for habitual criminals the DUI states the punishment of license suspension for 5 years, jail of 12 months and fine of up to $2500

The third timers will get themselves banned from driving license as well as five years of jail will be awarded to them.

DUI Florida is a hard crime. A person can simply avoid it by using alternate way of travelling as it will affect both your pocket as well as your record as DUI stays on record for 70 years.

While driving a person should make sure that he’s not under influence of drugs or anything as well as if his vehicle is safe or not. One simple thing to save the vehicle is to get it insured and Florida DMV describes the vehicle un-insured as illegal and it can too cause many problems. One should get the best Florida auto insurance available. Write your zip code above to compare auto insurance in your area so you can determine and choose the best one available.

Penalties to Drunk Driving According to Florida Auto Insurance Laws

The Government of Florida has been taking serious steps towards DUI and it is said to be the main cause of road accidents. The Florida DMV is in charge of Traffic, DUI, and Florida auto insurance laws. The Florida DMV states that if someone gets caught while driving under Influence of Drugs or Alcohol, then he will be imprisoned for six months with fine submission of $500 and 50 hours of community service. If you want your license back which can be suspended for six months, you will have to complete DUI School for driving which educates on not drinking while driving. The DUI record remains there for 70years. The punishments for the DUI will be doubled if you got caught more times.

FloridaAutoInsuranceFirst time offense with BAC less than 0.8 will get you six months of jail, a fine of up to 500$ and vehicle impound for 10 days. If you were caught with more than 0.20 BAC you will be paying $1000, imprisonment for 9 months and your license will be suspended for a minimum of six months. Repetition of offense will get you $1000-$2000 fine and imprisonment for 9-12 months as stated with Florida auto insurance laws.

The extreme cases for DUI states that if a person is caught driving while intoxicated and has injured someone else; he’ll be fined $5000 and jail of five years. If got caught with DWI and has killed someone while driving (and stayed) then he will be punished 15 years in jail with $1000 fine. If killed someone and left the scene, the punishment will be 30 years of imprisonment and fine of $1000.

If you are younger than 21 then Florida DMV will put your license on rest for 6 months instantly even with minimum of Blood Concentration Level.

If you have been convicted for 2 times and got convicted again then your license will be suspended for 5 years and you will be visiting jail for 12 months and a fine of up to $2500 (if convicted within 10 years) or fine of $1000 (after 10 years).

Last time is the fourth time as your license will be permanently banned and you will be visiting jail for five years and fine of no max cap!

You shouldn’t be driving around Florida while under Influence and if you do be ready for the consequences as Florida DMV does not tolerate any DUI in their jurisdiction. Drunk driving causes many problems and your vehicle should properly have FL car insurance as it is both mandated as well. Enter your area zip code above to compare insurance companies in your area!

Know What Is FR44 Policy and How It Relates To Your Florida Auto Insurance

The DUI is a bad conviction and if you are in Florida. The problem gets double as DUI can charge you up to $1500 in first case. Since Florida Auto Insurance is must to have, one thinks if they should have the coverage for DUI fine or not.

Actually case is pretty messed up when it comes to Florida Auto Insurance Policies and DUI. After getting arrested for DUI, you will get your driving license suspended for six months, fine of about $500 and jail time for up to 6 months. But that is not all, after being sentenced you will require to fill a form which is called FR44 form. It will be available from the subscribed insurance company. As soon as you will ask the insurance company for FR44 form, your status will be changed to high risk and then company will decided whatever to keep your insurance subscription and lapse or terminated your insurance policy. The insurance company will keep the FR44 form in your insurance papers for 3 years and they will notify DHSMV about your insurance policy updates.

In case of cancelation of your insurance policy, you will be having problems as you will have to re-insure your vehicle in order to drive and also cancelled insurance will make your registration in other insurance companies a big problem.

The FR44 policy describes the increase in FL car insurance policy to 100/300/50 which means $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence as well as $50,000 PDL coverage.

The FR44 form must be submitted before restraining driver’s license which means the fee of $100 for the first time, $250 for second and $500 for third.

The second time DUI is more problematic as you will get almost double the punishment as for first timers the DUI fine is $500 (upper limit), six months licenses suspension and 10 days car impound with 50 hours of community service. Second timers will be paying $1000 (upper limit) with nine months jail with a yearlong license suspension. There is a window for third timers and fourth times and they are punished as $5000 (upper limit) and $1000 (lower limit) for third and fourth time and 5 years license suspension with year in jail for third. For fourth timers, the jail period is of 5 years with license ban for life.

DUI should be avoided in first place as being pulled over on driving seat with Alcohol in blood can be avoided by taking a cab or bus home or end up paying $650 to law enforcers for just driving under influence and being in jail for six month moreover the after DUI effects. Auto insurance in Florida will be increased to such extent that person will be amazed. The Termination of auto insurance can provide one with problems at their highest level. To compare best auto insurance companies in your town, provide the zip code above and select from good insurance companies.

The Importance of Following the DUI laws of Florida DMV

Driving under influence, driving while intoxicated or operating while impaired has become one of the biggest problems in USA. It’s one of the biggest reasons of road accidents as drunken person is unable to operate vehicle efficiently. Improved DUI law from Florida DMV has helped in decreasing accidents in the State and the Ratio has been dropped from 42% to 36% the total numbers of person killed during a DUI are 2398 in 2011!

DUI is applied when a person has BAL less than 0.8 and DWI is used when person has more than 0.8 BAL in his blood. If you are drunk and want to go home best way is to take the bus because as soon as traffic police saw you ,they will ask you to pull over and will ask you to give BAL test and if you accepted then you are doomed and if you declined then you are instantly doomed!

If you declined to the test, you will be violating the law as when receiving the license you agreed to proceed with any test directed by Florida DMV officials, which will result in Suspension of Driver’s license for a year!

If you agreed to the test and officially found BAL of 0.8 in your blood, you will be fined $200-$500 along with 50 hours of Community Service, jail for at-least 8 hours but will be decided on spot, car impounding until the court decides and Driver license suspended for 6 months. If you got caught with a minor inside your car then fine will increase from 500-1000$.

If you got caught second time with DUI then you will be fined for $500 – $1000 and Jail visit for up to nine months and car impound for a month as well as (if you are caught within five years then) 5 years license suspension or at-least six months.

Getting caught third time will take you jail for one year and car will also be jailed (impounded) for three months and suspended driver’s license for five years with fine of $2000 up to $5000.

Fourth time will be the last time as you won’t be getting you license back as well as your fine will be from $1000 and there won’t be any limit to it. If you get caught fourth time, be ready to visit jail for five more years.

Moreover if you are caught while breaking one of those laws then your punishment will be:

If you caused injury while DUI, you will be charged with $1000 as well as 1 year jail time. If you are caught with blood in your hand, you will be charged with $10,000 and jail time for 15 years. If you are caught while running away from the crime scene, you will be charged with $10,000 and 30 years in prison.

The DUI should have good FL car insurance as they are subject to most accidents, enter Zip code to compare between Insurances Companies.

Steps Involved In Getting Florida Car Insurance after A DWI Conviction

Of course, having an accident will increase your premiums for Florida car insurance. If you were involved in drinking alcohol and then drive on public roads, you will significantly increase your chances of having a vehicle accident. In addition, if you are drunk and you are stopped by an officer who requests that you take either a breath, blood, or urine test, it is by law that you comply with the request. The Implied Consent Law in Florida means that signing your drivers’ license is an indication that you agree that if requested, you will take the test. If you refuse to take the tests, the result will be an instant one-year suspension. If you refuse for a second time, the penalty is the suspension for 18 months.

BestAutoInsuranceInFloridaYou should know that companies that that offer insurance services would not be quite willing to offer auto insurance in Florida to any driver of a motor vehicle who is recorded as having a DUI/DWI conviction. In fact, several insurance companies will refuse to continue providing insurance coverage for you if you got a ticket and found to be at fault in driving charge involving intoxication. In addition, you will reflect a DUI/DWI conviction for up to ten years.

This is not the end of the line for obtaining car insurance, however, as some policies for auto insurance in Florida are specifically designed for drivers who have this kind of unwelcome driving history. There are some things for you to anticipate when looking for car insurance coverage after being involved in a DUI/DWI charge if your current coverage was cancelled or the insurer refuse to renew it.

Following an accident involving drunk driving, there will be some alterations made by the insurance company regarding your plan. The first thing to happen is an increase in your rates. The increase will be considerably higher if you had a conviction of DUI/DWI. Another option the insurance company may pursue is to cancel your plan immediately. If you are allowed to let your insurance remain, your name will be flagged as a driver with high risk. However, if the policy is kept, you can provide SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate for the department for motor vehicles so that you will be documented as insured and you can get back your license. If not, your license will continue to be revoked.

A DUI conviction in Florida will remain on your driving record for up to 75 years. In order not to have to deal with higher rates for insurance, the stigma, the fines that come with such a conviction, it is recommended that you make contact with a defense attorney that works in this field before you admit guilt to any charge. To be insurable once more, you will most likely have to find a company that is particularly designed for this type of thing. Take minutes to start changing your future by inserting your zip at the top of this page. You will see a comparison of rates from companies who offer this service.

How a DUI-DWI Conviction Greatly Affects Processing of Car Insurance in Florida

In addition to the serious danger of causing your own or the death of others, a drunk- driving conviction has a harsh penalty from Florida car insurance companies in particular. The Insurance Information Institute reports that there is a traffic fatality that is related to the consumption of alcohol every forty-eight minutes in the USA.

Car insurance companies might run a check on your driving record one time in three years or whenever you are making application for a new policy. Sometimes DUIs, tickets and accidents do not find themselves on your motor vehicle record. But if you are discovered by your insurer to be convicted of DUI and that you are classified as a high risk driver, the most ideal strategy would be to shop around at the time when the policy should be renewed because rates will vary significantly among car insurers. The high increase in rates is only one part of the problem. It is possible for your policy to be cancelled or the insurer unwilling to renew it. At this point, you will have to look for another company who will offer Florida car insurance and have the double effect of being convicted of DUI plus having a cancellation of insurance.

The law that relates to auto insurance coverage and DUI in Florida require that such offenders get a SR-22 form from the car insurer that they use. This makes it impossible for them to hide. What this form does is provide proof to the department of motor vehicles that you have liability insurance and release the suspension of your license.

It is likely that the DUI conviction will never be found out by the company you have insurance with if you were not required to get an SR-22. The Insurance Research Council has reported that up one of every five convictions relating to traffic violations do not get to records for motor vehicle because of the lack of information being shared between motor vehicle departments and courts. This could also be because of the conviction being erased by other means like the driving attending driving school. If the DUI charge was brought down during a plea bargain, or license suspended for a limited time (e.g.. 30 days), it is also not quite likely for the insurer to know about this conviction. However, if this conviction was missed by the insurance company at the time of occurrence, there is still the chance to raise the rates some amount of years later if it is discovered then.

The fact is that even if you have a DUI/DWI conviction being displayed on your motor vehicle records it is possible to find cheap car insurance in FL. You may begin your search here when you go to the top of the page and put in your zip in the space that is provided and this website will do a comparison check of the rates that are available from several car insurance companies so that you can make an informed decision.

Questions That DUI-DWI Drivers in Florida Frequently Ask

Q:           How can I get my license reinstated following a suspension when I refused to take breath or urine test?

A:            Florida car insurance also looks at these reports. Starting with the date of arrest, your suspension will for 1 year if this is a first offense and 18 months if this is a more than a one-time offense. You will be provided with a permit for 10 days when you get arrested and after this expires, you are required to serve suspension of 90 days before being eligible for application of the hardship license (if this is the first time being suspended). You will not be allowed hardship license if there are two or more refusals to submit.

You have to give proof to the Administrative Reviews Office that you are attending or being enrolled in DUI School if you want to be considered for a hardship license and for getting Florida cheap car insurance. If you were approved to get early reinstatement for hardship, this approval must be presented to the office for drivers’ license. If the course is not completed in 90 days following the reinstatement, the department will cancel your driver’s license until there is proof that the course was completed.

Q             What will happen to my driving freedom if I am found guilty of operating a commercial motor vehicle while under alcohol or drug influence?

A             You will become eligible for operating commercial motor vehicles for a year and will not be qualified for a hardship license. After the complete year of suspension, you can pay a disqualification reinstatement charge and get back the commercial driver’s license. The disqualification will go up to three years if when convicted, you were carrying materials that are hazardous. This penalty is also for drivers if found with controlled substance while driving a commercial vehicle.

Q             How will my freedom to drive are affected if I am driving a commercial vehicle and was not willing to take a test requested to determine the level of alcohol in the system?

A             You will be ineligible for driving such vehicle for a full year and not qualified for a hardship license during this time. When the year has ended, you pay a fee for disqualification reinstatement and have the driver’s license for operating commercial motor vehicle restored.

Q             What happens if I receive three traffic violations in three years following a conviction for illegally operating commercial motor vehicle?

A             You will become barred from operating a commercial motor vehicle for up to 120 days. After this period has passed, the driver’s license may be reinstated after the fee for disqualification reinstatement has been paid.

The greatest fear of Florida’s drivers convicted of DUI is that they will not be able to get cheap Florida car insurance but we are here to let you know that you can in fact have such privilege. Find out your options here by putting in your area zip code at the top of this page and watch while we make the comparison between several different companies that you can apply to for car insurance.

How DUI Lwas Could Alter the Price of Auto Insurance in Florida

DUI represents driving under the influence. This denotes a motor vehicle is being operated with .08 or more blood alcohol level or any chemical substance. A DUI driving record is maintained for 75 years and it affects in getting auto insurance in Florida.

First Conviction

The first DUI mistake does not cost you dollars alone, it also includes:

•             $250 to $500 fine. In case your blood alcohol content is .20 or more, and you were in the car with a minor, your fine ranges from $500 to $1000.

•             Mandatory 50 hours community service or extra fine of $10 for each hour.

•             Probation limiting to a year.

•             Eight hours of jail that could go to six months. This can last to nine months sentence to jail for .20 or higher blood alcohol levels.

•             Two years of jail in case you injure or kill someone.

•             10 days of vehicle impoundment.

•             Cancellation of driver license for minimum six months

Second Conviction

•             $500 to $1000 fine. A minor in the car or .20 or higher BAC the minimum fine ranges from $1000 to $2000.

•             Jail time not exceeding nine months. Driving with a minor implies jail up to 12 months. A 10 day jail is sentenced in case of a second conviction within a period of five years.

•             The second conviction within 5 years means 30 day vehicle impoundment.

•             Cancellation of driver license for minimum 6 months and for a second conviction within 5 years indicates losing license for 5 years. However, you can apply after one year for a hardship license.

Third Conviction

•             $1,000 to $2,500 fine. For third conviction within 10 years, get ready to pay $2,000 to $5,000.

•             30 days compulsory jail for third conviction within 10 years, and for over 10 years it is 12 months.

•             Third conviction indicates 90 day vehicle impoundment.

•             Cancellation of driver license for 5 years minimum

Fourth or Consequent Conviction

•             $1000 minimum fine and for .20 or higher BAC the fine is $2000.

•             5 years jail time.

•             Revoked driver license permanently and ineligibility for any hardship license.

Drivers lesser to age 21

Drivers lesser than 21 years, showing .02 BAC or higher must undergo suspension for six months. In fact, for some even one drink can take them over that limit.


Damage of property or personal injury will result in fines up to one year and $1000. In case of receiving three DUI within 10 years, it is a felony of the third degree. It is serious for causing bodily injury to others, resulting in paying fines up to $5000 and five years jail.

Killing someone while driving after consuming alcohol leads to paying a $10,000 penalty or 15 years jail. In case, it is a hit-kill and run scene, it leads to a fine of $10,000 and 30 years jail.

To get the best quotes of auto insurance in Florida, just enter your area code above.