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Can I Get Car Insurance in Florida after Being Convicted Of DUI

Drivers that are inquiring about the possibility of getting auto insurance in Florida after being caught by the law drunk driving need to be aware of a few important things. The DUI is the first or original offense and this is determined by slurring of speech, driving behavior, the outcomes of a sobriety test at the side of the road, among others. Illegal per se is the second offense. This is operating a moving vehicle with a BAC – Blood Alcohol Concentration of 0.08 g/dL or more. Driving at or over this BAC has been illegal since 2002 and drivers caught doing it face serious penalties.

While it will be sometimes extremely challenging to get Florida auto insurance it is still a great possibility. Of course, you should anticipate paying more for insurance for your vehicle after being convicted for DUI/DW. All drivers’ premium is calculated according to particular risk factors. Following a DUI/DWI conviction, added to these general risks will be the possibility of you driving under the influence of alcohol again or be at fault in a very disastrous accident. You are now viewed by insurance companies as crucial or ultimate risk and this will be indicated by the premiums that you will be required to pay. There seem to be no way of escaping increased premiums.

However, if the insurance company that you are using retains your policy after your conviction for DUI/DWI and you realize that you are not able to afford the higher premiums, you can always look around for cheaper auto insurance. Several websites have been set up to facilitate buyers in comparing available rates that major companies are offering by simply and quickly filling out a form.

There is really no 100% guarantee that your cost will be lowered, but there are possible ways to lower the cost for auto insurance after DUI conviction. These methods include:

•             Doing everything that the court recommended and this includes getting involved in the suggested educational programs which were designed for any driver who has been convicted for DUI/DWI

•             Keeping up a clean driving record. Do everything in your power to never get another DUI/DWI.

•             Getting involved in a suggested education program for drivers

•             Maintaining an auto insurance that is considered to be in good standing. Any delay in making payments towards your coverage will result in decreased possibility of future rates being lowered.

•             Having a favorable credit. This can assist you in getting your car insurance rates lowered significantly.

Even though you may be convicted of a DUI/DWI and your reputation is blemished some Florida auto insurance companies, you have the opportunity to rebuild your record and get over this setback if you apply a bit of diligence and patience. Begin now by inserting your zip in the above box and we will compare the rates of some top car insurance companies that offer services for your particular case. Let us help you to find something that you are able to afford and greatly benefit from.